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We believe in making interventions that make our workplaces, newsrooms, and other relevant spaces inclusive to harness different experiences for national development. Our interventions are both for private and the public sectors players as managers or workers.

A. She Knows Network Africa (SKN Africa)

She Knows Network champions panel and board diversity globally for women of African descent. It is an online women experts’ database which provides the space both on the continent and globally for African women of various expertise and professions to be identified for speaking opportunities, media engagements, board positions and recruitment.

Visit the site to register as or search for an African woman expert

B. Workplace Gender Equality Reporting and Index (WoGERi)

We partner with a number of organisations to promote the principle of gender equality in the workplace. Every year, companies go through a reporting process on key interest indicators. Organisations work with us to build gender equality strategy, set gender targets and address gender gaps. Grow your organisation’s brand as a socially responsible entity by participating.

C. Gender and Media Awards

The Gender and Media Awards is to promote gender responsive reporting and programming in the media landscape. Every year, outstanding women and men of the journalism profession and media institutions will be recognised for their contributions towards achieving gender equality.

D. Gender Watch Ghana/Africa

GeWGA is the gender ombudsperson for the Aya Institute which spearheads the reporting, researching, tracking, and investigating of gender dynamics in Ghana.

The Gender Diversity Study is a key component exploring key gender dynamics in key industries such as the Media, Academia, Financial Sector, Governance and Public Sector.

The Gender Watch podcast was launched towards the Ghanaian elections in 2016 to educate, track and highlight gendered issues in the elections.

E. The Running Abled Programme - a non-partisan candidates' campaign training for women