The Gender Watch Baseline Report – Aya Institute has been looking at gender diversity across a number of institutions – public, education, media, enterprise and finance. Watch out for the following baseline reports in these industries.

Gender and Politics Baseline Study

Gender diversity in the Executive, Parliament and Council of State.

Gender and Media Baseline Study

Gender diversity in ownership and senior staff of top media outlets

Gender and Academia Baseline Study

Gender diversity in leadership and Council of public universities in Ghana

Gender and Institutions Baseline Study

Gender diversity in the constitution of the structures in the judiciary, government ministries, department and agencies

Gender and Enterprise Baseline Study

This looks at gender diversity in the leadership and governance structures of Ghana Club 100, Ghana Stock Exchange and registered banks in Ghana.

Coming Soon:

Analysis of social media usage of Ghanaian politicians and party leaders
Analysis of usage of social media for political communication – a case study of party communicators
Analysis on packaging of politics and buyers’ remorse – An audio/video series